Is he man enough

I came across this on Facebook posted by the Goddess of Sacred Sex. I loved the energy of it so I’m sharing.


Women desire a man who chooses to be enough.

A man who realizes that his authentic self is enough.
A man with the confidence to express his feelings and share his masculine gifts.
A man who initiates, takes risks and doesn’t take things personally.
A man who calms fears and whose humor can lighten the situation.
He stands firm in his strength, holds a safe space and challenges others to step into their greatness.

It’s time to say, “Enough”.
Enough seeking approval
Enough reacting rather than taking charge.
Enough confusion around relating to women.
Enough of allowing ourselves to be ignored or disrespected.
Enough of our own negativity towards other men.

It’s time to let go of shame:

Personal shame based on standards of others.
Gender shame, assuming the blame for relationships.
Sexual shame for the intense craving and desire we feel for women.

Don’t hide your pain behind fake confidence with false bravado.
Have the courage to confront your fear and step through into true manliness on the other side.

Take on the responsibility of your strengths.
Stand up for yourself and for those who can’t stand up for themselves.
Embrace life’s testing, step through and then mentor those making their own difficult decisions.

Long for the love of a great woman and know that you can match her.
Do what it takes to be the man for her, a man that animates her radiance.
And become the man who is nourished by her love.

Inspired by the writing of Paul Hess

By Graham R White



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