Everyday Miracles

I am in the airport finishing the 20 hour journey back from Brazil where I spent two weeks with John of God. I know some people have a strong and fearful reaction to him.  I have no experience that would cause that in me.  Instead,  I witnessed miracles every day. 


It is hard to try to share such a sacred experience.  Do I tell you about the love and compassion I witnessed? About the people who couldn’t  walk until they came? The stories I heard about cancer disapprearing? The doctors in my group who  couldn’t explain what they saw? No, there are many books out there about him that can do much more than me. 

The every day miracles were my own so that is the story I can tell.  I went to the Casa obsesed with egoic thought. Overwhelmed with feelings of grief, loss,  abandonment and disconnect from the divine. What I found was a deep peace inside myself.  A stillness. A radiant loving quiet.


I spent hours and days in meditation.  At this time I was giving and receiving.  I would ebb and flow from ego to consciousness and back. Until I didn’t.  It stopped.

My second favorite time was my time in service.  Preparing food for others on their journey gave me quiet joy. 


I realized I’ve let my gifts in healing and mediumship rest dormant. Every day I felt my own ability to serve others in their healing and their consciousness become more alive. The beauty in listening and connecting was life giving.

In time, my days will be alive with spiritual purpose and fulfilling relationships.  My relationship with myself is my priority. From there, I am in love with all else. And that is an everyday miracle.



3 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. Laura Gwen says:

    Dear Gail, Thank you for sharing your experience and your beautiful photos! Indeed words are difficult to describe such a sacred journey yet your photo’s speak volumes! It was a joy and honor to be one of your guides through this process ~ may your sacred journey we call ‘life’ be continuously guided by Divine love and light! With Gratitude, Laura

  2. Roger says:

    What a beautiful and inspirational website. I am a retired Christian pastor, and I wish more Christians would respect the divine gift of healing since it is so much like what Jesus possessed. Thank you so much.

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