Reiki: An excommunicatable practice

Did you know that the practice of reiki was an excommunicatable practice? I recently read a book called Everyhing A Christian Needs Know About Reiki. It is a sincere attempt to explain reiki and prove why it is evil and satanic by a Catholic priest. I was surprised that the church had taken a stand on reiki – it never occured to me that it was a dangerous practice in the eyes of a loving Divine God. Of course, it isn’t dangerous to God. But it is to the Church.

I think it is very valuable to explore perspectives that are uncomfortable.  I actually think we have a moral responsibility to do so. Challenging what we believe and why we believe it has been the foundation of human evolution. 

The book relies heavily on Diane Stein’s reiki manual Essential Reiki. One criticism leveled at reiki by the priest is that reiki is a feminine practice.  This is not a startling conclusion since Diane Stein is a Dianic feminist,  meaning she rejects the masuline energy and patriarchy of life. But it is from this one source that the book is written. The church is a patriarchal institution so it’s not surprising to have a criticism leveled against reiki from that basis. Since the author has no experience with reiki, and since he does not seem to have spoken with a reiki teacher, and he is using one unique source for his knowledge, much of his understanding of reiki is incorrect.

I suppose what startled me most was dismissing reiki for its lack of scientific evidence.  My understanding is that miracles generally have no scientific basis or evidence yet the church embraces miracles.

Is the real issue that reiki places the ability to heal in our hands? Is it because reiki does not require the intercession of a savior?  Is it because reiki threatens the foundation of power of the church? If we commune directly with the divine, or recognize we are in fact divine, then the foundations of the church are smashed apart. We embrace our nature as miraculous and powerful which is in fact one possible outcome from learning reiki.

Two contrasting articles:


6 thoughts on “Reiki: An excommunicatable practice

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    When one’s cup overflows, it’s indeed impossible to fill it with new knowledge.

  2. Ruth says:

    Loved the article

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