Why So Sad?


As much as I adore Christmas music, I turn back to modern music (independent alternative,  electro, jazz, folk, trance, etc.) with an easy farewell to songs of Santa. I’ve been off line long enough that “Say Something” was new to me. 

It’s a beautiful song. The emotion is heart wrenching,  the visuals more so. It gave voice to my own emotions.  

Except those haven’t been my emotions for some time.  Just the last week or so. At kirtan a week ago, I felt loving community.  At kundalini dance on Fridays, I felt joyful. And in Brazil,  I discovered my peaceful loving self reflected back to me in many forms of song and dialogue. 

So why so sad? “Maybe you like being sad,” a friend once said. “You create it so easily. ” It is true that I find poignancy and tragedy to be beautiful. Sustained wistfullness is artful.

I was listening to Esther Hicks talk about our collective consciousness of Sad. Our music is about heart break and loss. Very little of our music speaks of our infinite potential or of the joy of connection. 

We don’t realize how powerful music is in our creation process. We sing words that we release with emotion. And when we really like a song, we almost meditate it into our soul. That is powerful creation work. Emotion is the power that feeds manifestation.

I have not been sad for a long time.  I am right now and it will pass. But when I was listening to holiday hits, I felt better.  As I move back into joy, I will carefully choose my music, too.


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