I Am Not That Special


I am not that special.  It’s ok, neither are you.  I am saying that from a perspective of spiritual liberation, not to be mean or unkind. And it’s certainly not unloving. Actually,  I suspect it’s a very loving statement. 

I strolled in the frigid, near artic night air, and my heart was light and exuberant.  My day had been fantastic,  right on the heels of a spiritually profound day previous of teaching a consciousness workshop.  I realized my life was filled with everything I thought I had lost in the ending of relationship: love, wisdom, consciousness and connection,  fun, the feeling of being valued and chosen, growth, insight.  Certainly they are not all in one person as they were before, but my life is full and rich.

I soared in gratitude,  knowing that there is only more to come! And with that,  I knew that if He could be “replaced” in my life, then I was probably replaced in His. I had a moment of deflation followed by insight and celebration.

The insight was that while we think of releasing self image, we imagine ego attachments that are negative or false. We might be happy to let go of self images like “not good enough” or “unhealed”. But self image also includes the good stuff,  including the belief I am special. Or that anyone is special.

We are each individualized expressions of divine consciousness.  From a non – dualistic knowing, the consciousness that flows and witnesses and experiences through you is no different than the one in me. The experience of that consciousness may vary but the Consciousness at the core is the same in you and me.

The joy is when I see it in me, and you,  and the curiousity to see more and more grows as a deep desire. I don’t need you to be special, or me. How you are manifesting in your life, and feeling the awareness of our divinity through the constant creation of our various experiences, becomes evidence of that infinite consciousness.  This is what it truly means to be seen.

I recognized last week that not only am I not this body, I’m not this energy field either. Consciousness is being expressed and reflected in those things in a given moment.  But ultimately,  my source is Source.  Yours is too.

So I don’t need you to be special.  Nor me. And that is the most loving thing I can say as consciousness greets consciousness.  Namaste.


2 thoughts on “I Am Not That Special

  1. Angela says:

    Beautiful insight

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