The Untrue Word


When you are sensitive to energy, whether as  Highly Sensitive Person or as a reader of energy, you are aware of a level of dynamics that are very subtle but profound. When you come together with others in a conscious way,  the feeling of connection and co-creation reflects the Truth. It may not be infallible or immutable truth, but its Truth of reality in that moment.

And then, in that dynamic, one of you says something that is Untrue. I don’t mean a lie. I mean something that is not True from the perspective of Source,  or soul, or at least not in alignment with the level of awakening you are genuinely headed towards. 

You know it, if you are sensitive to energy, because all of a sudden, that beautiful feeling you had suddenly deflates. It is like when a child lets go of a helium balloon – you can still see the remnants floating away but something important is gone and it hurts.

When we come together in loving ways, and build or share energy, the build up and flow is like being out of body. The Self is released as something more real is created. That something is connection to Source. And like Jenga, the Untrue Word can make it collapse.

When you are sensitive to energy, that Untrue Word and the collapse hurts. At best, it feels irritating.  At worst, it feels like ultimate seperateness.  (Adyashanti)

So what do you do? In conscious relationship,  you use this as a way of healing.  “This is where a Conscious Relationship is as radically different from the “healthy relationship” as it is from the relationships of our parents. With a conscious couple the relationship is seen as a primary vehicle for personal and spiritual growth and healing. Those issues that generate tension are seen as areas where we need to grow and heal. They become part of our work that we are here to do towards wholeness. We honor the process, and use the issues as valuable opportunities for growth and the purification of our consciousness. This becomes our path to inner freedom and wholeness.” Chris Wright

This requires an understanding of the idea of the Third Entity. “Third Entity is what two individuals coming together create, and it has a form and an energy all its own. It is very important to see that the relationship is made of three parts, not just two. When we acknowledge the existence of the Third Entity we are able to be more objective when challenges arise. We often get wrapped up in our own perspective, forgetting that we are a part of something that extends beyond us as individuals. In order to have a healthy, long lasting relationship, we must nurture and support not only each other but the relationship itself.”Corrine Blum

The Untrue Word, and the pattern of many of them, would end a traditional relationship.  In our culture,  at the very least,  it would suggest an unhealthy relationship.  But if there can be integrity in the desire for serving a Conscious Relationship,  the Untrue Word is a road sign and an intimate dialogue with consciousness. 


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