Resolving Why Artemis Slew Orion

13124608The language of life is symbolism.  Words are symbols.  The more subtle communication between ego, Self, and Source often occurs for me in symbols and metaphors.  Patterns and coincidences become energy patterns that, when followed back to their origin, point you to something deeper and more True.  For me, dreams are often the best dialogue I have with my aware Self.

As Artemis, the goddess, I cried out in helplessness and frustration to Orion in the heavens, “Why? What was so important to you to let this die? What in you is so important that you would just throw our relationship away? Why would you let me believe you only to be betrayed?”

Artemis has been a significant metaphor for me lately, so I was not surprised when she showed up in a dream.  My dream was a conversation between Artemis and Orion, although it was also a conversation between me and the Magus.  And that ultimately is a conversation within me between my ego and my awareness.  In the myth, Artemis mistakenly slew Orion, her lover despite a chaste relationship, when she was led to believe he was a villain escaping justice.

Some interpret this story as being symbolic of the jealousy of the spiritual animus in the Artemis woman.  It suggests that the inner psyche already has a partner in the inner spiritual realm, and wants no competition or distraction from a human lover.  The Artemis metaphor is also of a woman who will strengthen what is best in the other through interactions with her, but will be hated by the “regressive side of humanity”. The Eternal Drama

I admit that the relationship between Artemis and Orion intrigues me.  It is a perfect spiritual relationship in some ways: it is full and complete, loving while pushing both to higher levels of excellence. Both Orion and Artemis can be fully themselves. It is friendship and love, companionship and soul connection.  It is also incomplete, unfulfilled and ultimately destroyed. I am attracted to the relationship and know that I feel I have repeated the slaying of Orion over and over, both in my relationships and in myself.scorpion

It is no secret that I value my spiritual path more than anything else.  Like Artemis, I value a relationship that is spiritually driven in nature, that is companionship and love, pushing each other to excellence. Something that has been alive in me has ended relationships.  There has been a level of sabotage in each relationship, a point at which I will no longer share who I am – like Artermis’ protected virginity.  And ultimately, rather than facing that, I have shot an arrow, ending each relationship.  Some I have transformed into friendship – like placing Orion in the heavens.   How do I move away from slaying Orion over and over again? How do I allow wholeness in a spiritual relationship? Or like Artemis, am I happiest with a partner who is frozen as I remember him, inaccessible and ethereal?

wpid-2014-02-15-22.06.16.pngI do not know how to resolve Artermis’ slaying of Orion.  But the energy points to shadow work.  “Artemis’ dark side: Primitive power of her bloodlust, ‘righteous rage’ – Artemis woman’s task is to confront her ‘inner wild boar’ – while sacrificing her ‘righteous and avenging’ goddess. She does this by humbly accepting her own flaws and mistakes as a human woman, compassionate with herself, first, then she may hold compassion towards others.” Find Your Goddess Archetype

So my question is: as I strive for the spiritual path, is there an aspect of myself I am trying to kill? Am I sacrificing something at the altar of my spiritual quest? In moving away from ego, am I somehow annihilating energies that do not need to be expelled? Have I become rigid in my spirituality, in my righteousness? Am I unwilling to accept that What Is is perfect and can be no other way?

Ultimately, I think Artemis is a reminder for me to return to the loving side of the quest. The Shiva consciousness is not the whole; unity with the loving compassion of Shakti is necessary.  So maybe I can find a way to unite Artemis and Orion.


One thought on “Resolving Why Artemis Slew Orion

  1. Thank you for this, fascinating thoughts on Artemis. Artemis is a goddess that is also very close to me. I have written about her here but I did not include the story of Orion. I find your take on it very intriguing.

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