Hope: The Voice of Consciousness


My Tantra teacher told a story to illustrate the fact that when consciousness is flowing, and we follow its current, there is an intrinsic knowing of reality that goes beyond space and time. He reminded us that there is always that little voice inside that tells us something that goes beyond what is reasonable and rational and yet it is essential truth.

He told the story of a man and woman who were dating. The man believed that this woman possibly was a profound love for him. His inner voice told him that. And yet he also was a man who enjoyed having multiple relationships. He had a different girlfriend for a different day of the week. Eventually, the woman he felt the little voice around decided she didn’t want to be Miss Tuesday anymore and ended the relationship. He decided that he must have been wrong and continued on with his life. She married his best friend. Life proceeded, and 35 years later the same man and woman reconnected and married. That little voice, the essential truth, continued to manifest. Essential truth and consciousness do not know space or time; 35 years or 3 minutes are irrelevant in the flow of that ultimate conscious expression.

My teacher continued to tell story after story of people who had ignored or distrusted the little voice. In some cases they ignored it because it just did not make sense. In other cases they felt it might be their imagination. Or they felt that what it was telling them was simply not rational and would not lead where it was they hoped to end up. Eventually they would recall at some point, that despite following a different path, what that little voice many years ago told them was in fact now coming to pass.

Every one of these stories triggers a feeling inside of me that I associate with hope. Some people say that hope is not a powerful position from which to create. I understand that the general idea of hope, very passive and nearly luck based feeling, is not the intentionality with which we create. And yet I find that feeling of hope to be uplifting, and enlightning, peace giving. It wasn’t until I heard the stories from my teacher that I begin to understand that perhaps what I call hope is in fact that little voice inside me.

More and more often, I’ve been letting that little voice be my guide. There are many times that I have felt something that is completely contradictory to what the facts in front of me would tell me. And yet, invariably what I felt came to pass or ended up having more truth than I gave it credit for.

I have decided that when I feel this sense of hope I will acknowledge and recognize it as the spark of my consciousness pointing me in a particular direction. There is release and peacefulness that come from letting my consciousness direct more than letting my mind do. There is a magic and mysticism that is pervading my life that I simply cannot explain. When I lose hope, or feel trapped by false belief, it is now a sign to me that I am out of touch with my true conscious nature.

And so, I am beginning to feel the truth of why hope is so significant in the human experience. Hope itself is not the power; it is a signpost to listening to our true consciousness, which allows us enough awareness to create in a more powerful and energetic way. Wow.


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