As you imagine and visualize and verbalize your new story, in time you will believe the new story, and when that happens, the evidence will flow swiftly into your experience. A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality. ~Abraham Hicks

I sat in my car outside the building with For Lease upon it.  It was a beautiful building, well placed for an emerging healing and arts community.  Next door was a thriving and well known wellness business that I had just toured in order to find possible workshop spaces.  As I sat there, I called the leasing office to get prices. I wanted a building and a space for my personal and spiritual development business.  I had to do something! I cannot afford to take on the space right now, so I began calling different friends and posing the question to them: How can I get this business going? Where might I find investors? How will I build a business in such a saturated market?

desireAs a business person, I actually know the answer to all these questions, but a part of me needed others to say it out loud, and to energize my vision.  I drove around noticing my state of energy.  I was energetically aroused – not to be confused with sexual arousal, which is also an energetic arousal – and I needed release from that aroused energy.  I had to do something! I had to make something happen!  I suddenly realized that this was desire.

So, I pulled over and began to do some inner inquiry with this energy.  At one level, I had to release the idea that I had to Do anything, or that the business I desire is somehow better than the other activities I am currently engaged in, that in fact are all aspects of service. That relaxed my mind a little bit to allow more open exploration and inquiry to occur.

I am used to Doing, to making things happen.  This week, I have been working with 5 different partners on ways to do workshops and community development in other countries.  The planning feels amazing, as visioning usually does.  With each project, I have been the one to do the budgets and business cases.  In all of them, the number one dependency is on reaching a wide enough audience and market to fill the workshop seats.  This is my biggest weakness in business, so of course it is the one area I have to take on.  One part of taking that on is talking to as many people as possible about the vision, seeing if it is something they want, and finding ways to encourage them to be partners in that in some way.

I listened to my tantra class this morning, and I was reminded that there is nothing I must Do.  To believe I can control anything is a false belief of reality.  I only need to set an intent, and follow the flow of energy that shows alignment with the universe. I know that it is part of my path to teach. It always has been.  I am a teacher at heart, and my vow of consciousness means I will be in service and teach.  I know that part of my soul group is teaching, and when I connect with the energy of spirits to guide me on the path, they are always sages and wise teachers.dance1

And so, I recognize the energy of desire as something to guide me, and to harness my ability to keep moving my thoughts towards alignment with that desire.  Thoughts need energy, and desire is a great energy to use.  The joy of noticing the flow of energy in all things, not just the body but in thoughts, is to be in touch with that great flow of Oneness.  It is a connector to the field of consciousness everywhere, and invites co-creation. I am looking forward to moving my feet towards that vision, but moving them as a dance, not a forced march.


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