How Do I Love Thee?


The first time I saw the movie Romeo and Juliet, I was 13. It seemed like the most beautiful love story possible. I watched the modern version at least 20 times.

With what I know about love now, Romeo and Juliet are a version of codependent relationship, not the greatest love story of all time. They are immature and infatuated with each other. The story worships egoic projections.

I have been revisiting love and visioning how I would relate to a partner. In my head, it is easy for me to revert to old patterns of expectation, some of which border on the childish need for constant attention. I have begun a practice of asking myself how I would react if these expectations were asked of me. In all cases, I cringe. So I’m not ready for a partner yet.

What does love really look like? Not the Romeo and Juliet version…not the twin flame new age BS version…the mature energetic expression of love and consciousness.

“If someone really loves you, they love you just as you are. Their love is not dependent on whether you get a tummy tuck, wear their favorite outfit, do a perfect downward dog. Their love is not conditional on whether you meet their every need, their every whim, their every fantasy. Their love is not contingent on your working on your issues, changing your lifestyle, transforming your personality. If they really love you, they hold you in the highest light. If they really love you, they are too busy giving to you to notice petty details. If they really love you, they see divinity when they look your way. And the divine is not in need of improvement before s(he) is loved!” -Jeff Brown

How do I want to love? I want to embody freeing others from my idea of who they should be and live in acceptance and openness to who and what is. A state of love; a state of self awareness and not of suffering from projections that, when inevitably are unfulfilled, create suffering. I want to accept and allow what is. Whether this occurs with a partner or not, I feel free and alive and happy whenever I embody this. I am in deep joy when I can let go of enough of my body mind grooves to connect with another consciousness, beyond their body mind grooves. We do it very well with children, as they have not built the scarring from life patterns yet. Those moments when you are just in union with consciousness in self or with another is pretty much the most important part of relationship for me.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… Elizabeth Barrett Browning had the right question but the wrong answer. There is only one way to love. And that is from the core, from the center of our being, from and as the Divine Consciousness we are.


2 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee?

  1. miracarroll says:

    Again, bravo! How do I love thee? It is my prayer that I learn to Love thee unconditionally, because only that is truly Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

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