I Don’t Write Anymore

The woman who started this blog is so different.  I used this blog as a place to process, to vent and to heal. Occasionally I used it to feed my ego.

But somewhere in the last two months, I have healed. I became free. I grew up. I let go of the Victim Story. I met myself at the place of Being.

My love, you will no longer find me here. Don’t look. And don’t worry.

I am outside,  playing. Or inside, laughing. I’m watching a sunset, with the arms of a loving, conscious and fully present man wrapped around me.

My love, I tried so hard to fit the roles I believed I should. I really tried to hammer you into shapes too. I betrayed myself, and blamed you. 

But now, my love, I don’t write anymore.  Writing was my little crevice of freedom. The door is open wide now, and I am on an adventure.

My love, this woman is gone now. She has let go. She is learning to Be Love. She is floating on the energy tide of the every day extraordinary. 

Don’t look for her here, my love.  I don’t write anymore.



6 thoughts on “I Don’t Write Anymore

  1. Christina says:

    Right on, here here madam I’m proud of u

  2. Eumaeus says:

    God bless you. You bless God. Bless you God. God You Bless. God. You. Bless. God. You. God.

  3. miracarroll says:

    Enjoy! ❤ ❤ ❤

    O by Coldplay – http://youtu.be/ZX2KJKRViPA

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