Moving On

“How do you know when your done, when it’s time to move on? Sometimes the decision is impulsive, other times we think it through. But no matter how many times we decide we’re ready, the truth is that the past is hard to let go of.” Being Erica

Is that really true? Is the past hard to let go of?

The tantric view is that we engage with reality as divine beings in a constant flow of the five acts of the divine: creation,  maintenance,  dissolution, concealment and remembering. (Buy Tantra Illuminated to dig deep into these). With these, we are always creating our experience of reality. And it is through these we process and move energy.

Recently I was watching a movie and these words woke me up:

“I want you back, ” he said to her, recognizing he had let someone important slip away.

She looked at him with sadness and love, and said, “I’ve moved on.”  In a flash, I realized I had processed so much of my healing and my awareness, but I forgot one step – to move on.

The loving universe understood that, and gave me 3 huge messages to release me. I had a powerful experience with my teacher in which he told me to look at the whole of my experience to release any residual attachment I was holding – not just the good or the possible. He made me look at exactly what was and had been. He also showed me what was possible in myself. Then, a friend acted spontaneously from love in a way that I had never experienced before. Finally, when I looked at the source of my attachment and saw him from the whole of reality,  everything dissolved. Poof. No attachment.  There was sadness and insight – but overall it was flow of energy.

And that is what freedom is, what moving on is. It is the joy of the movement of energy.  It doesn’t matter if its happy or sad. But the feeling of moving and releasing one energy so completely…is like orgasm.

“Everything that has a beginning has and ending, and as much as we wish otherwise, in a world set in time there can be no beginning without an end. Every ending creates space for something new to begin, the wonder of a second chance, the miracle of a new life, the joy of a new love.” Being Erica


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