Like, love, and choices


“Friendship: it begins when two people choose each other, but what happens when we outgrow the choice? When little by little, our paths diverge, our needs change, and one day we wake up and realize that we need to choose something different.” – Being Erica

Love is possibly the easiest and most natural aspect of our being.  It gets conditioned into different forms of relationship as we move through life.  Children naturally embody their loving essence.  They hug, pile affection on the object of their attention, and spontaneously share what is important to them. They accept each other precisely as they are. Unconditional love at its finest.

In time,  children learn all the conditions that move love into “like”. Relationships become exchanges of common needs and interests. And then we begin the pursuit of love instead of like – all over again! 

What happens when we love someone but we don’t like them? When the paths we are on are so different that they diverge like a forked road?

I have never liked the saying that people come into your life for a reason,  a season or a lifetime.  It negates our choices and responsiblity for the consciousness that played out in the relationship. 

It is so easy for me to love. It is much harder for me to like. A relationship is a combination of love and like, all wrapped up in patterns and conditions. When a relationship changes, paths diverge – what is the loving thing to do?

What if the loving thing to do is nothing? What if “doing” is the basis or reaction to the story we create around life? If we hold loving consciousness, surrendering to exactly what is, there is nothing to do. Fitting things into a reason, a season or a lifetime is another story the ego needs to make sense of it all.

I am. You are. Love is.

That’s all.


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