The Sacred Self

“Everything that the me tried to get away from, the sacred Self will come back for. The bright Self starts to discover its true nature and wants to liberate all of itself, to enjoy itself, and to truly love itself in all of its flavors.  The truly sacred is the love of what is, not a love of what could be. This love liberates what is.

The true heart of all human beings is the lover of what is. That’s why we cannot escape any part of ourselves. This is not because we are a disaster,  but because we are conscious and we are coming back for all of ourselves in this birth. ” -Adyashanti

For first time in 28 years I’m not in a relationship nor looking for one. Yet I feel as if I’m in love. The consciousness I’m revealing and experiencing is so complete. The deepening that is birthed is like nothing else I’ve experienced. Every moment another part of me is dissolved and accepted. And then a new me, a different self is there.

For years, my life was lived in the moments with my lover and all the rest was seen as less precious. I considered time without my partner as wasted. Finally I understand how a partner is apart from me – an accent to my life, but not my life. It seems so obvious.

Partnership to me is connection, consciousness and co-creation. I’m experiencing that every day now, with a plethora of old and new people coming into my vibration. Its not limited to a specific relationship. How did I miss that?

And love. For me, love with a partner has been dysfunctional and colored by both of our conditioning. Relationship dynamics will always reflect conditioning, and that is part of the purpose of conscious relationship – growing and releasing those. Now, I am reveling in the experiences of love that are apart from partnership, and that are growing as partnership.

But first and foremost is the joy of Self, and the openness to experience. That is and will always be my true love.



5 thoughts on “The Sacred Self

  1. Morgan says:

    So Beautiful 🙂

  2. Julie Orrok Slack says:

    so wonderful! I’m working on the art of aloneness as well. I just finished “Solemate: Mastering the art of Aloneness” by Lauren Mackler and I highly recommend it! I’ve learned so much about myself…and that I am my own ultimate partner!

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