What I Value

People use the words truth, beliefs and values interchangeably,  particularly in spirituality. I think there are subtle differences. A truth is an aspect of consciousness.  The only truth I can identify with so far is “I Am” and the love that flows from that. A value is what you energize, and this value becomes beliefs that you give words too and that become how you live and perceive. Ultimately we dissolve all beliefs the deeper we go into I Am. But the process of dissolving begins by seeing ourselves in relation to what is, and then exploring the mind’s story.

Here are some of my values in the form of beliefs:

1. I believe that love is an underlying truth of being.

2. I believe that love exists even when relationship is not possible.

3. I believe that letting go and openness to what is is much better than grasping and controlling.

4. I value my awakening and that journey more than anything and any one.

5. It sounds corny, but I believe I’m in love with life. Every relationship I’ve had does not compare. The only relationships that make sense to me are when we are in love with life together and we are creating from that space.

6. I believe that most of my thoughts are stories and I take joy in watching them go poof when I recognize that about them.

7. I believe in letting emotion move through me without grasping, clenching or identifying with it.

8. I believe its possible to be awake and live from that place no matter what I’m doing. My job may be the result of mind, but that’s like reading or watching a movie.

9. I believe all is the One. I cannot describe that or tell you more yet. But I know its true.

10. I believe that freedom is not an external experience. It is only internal. Freedom is not about what you do, or the commitments you have. Freedom is when the mind no longer binds you no matter what is going on. I can be in prison, and be free. I can be in relationship and be free. I can be in any circumstance and be free.



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