Lessons in Love

If I needed any evidence about Love as the true nature of consciousness,  I received it this week. For the last two weeks,  we’ve hosted a Japanese exchange student.

I speak no Japanese. She speaks minimal English. For the first two days, I couldn’t tell if she was happy or not. All I knew for sure was that she loved my cooking as she snapped pictures of all of it and devoured every crumb.

We had a break thru when an impromptu dodge ball fight broke out in the kitchen over the weekend. From that point on, spontaneous play and raucous laughter was the order of the day.

After about 4 days, it was clear we were living as a household of love. She would impulsively hug me or my child. If I left the house, she came to greet me with a hug when I returned.

The weeping that followed her good bye party last night was heart warming. And today as she left for home, she would not let go of my hand to part. She was the only child of her group to be this upset.

Why is that? Sure, we had fun and tried to do things. But more it was a love connection. All we had was love. No language except expressing ourselves daily as ourselves. Total acceptance of what is.

Language is of the mind. Being-ness is truth.


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