I Love You But Do I Like You?


I love you. 

I’ve never met you but I can say without hesitation that I love you.  If I meet you,  I will simply be more aware of it.

But there’s no guarantee that I like you. 

“I have yet to meet anyone that I didn’t love. It’s only when I filter them through my mind and endow ‘them’ with my thoughts do I have the time to like and dislike. Loving is easy, liking is recreational.”-Troi Turi

To like you is to be alike. To be alike means that we value many of the same things. To like you is the start of being seperate from you,  because in time I will also notice the differences that keep us from union.

In time, I accept and integrate differences. I learn to challenge the beliefs that keep me seperate. I don’t identify with the projections of mind on you or on me. I see your underlying truth, your consciousness.  I see it and see my own. 

And then I love you. 


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