Why I Will Never Ask Why You Love Me


Comedians warn you that there are several danger questions that men just can’t survive – do I look fat in this, do you think she’s pretty, is there anything you would change about me. And of course why do you love me.

I have asked all those. Now, I will never ask you why you love me. To do so is really asking why do you like me. As soon as you start to think that way, you are reinforcing a seperate self in me and drawing my attention to how I can slice and dice myself as different from others.

I never have to ask if you love me because love is your natural state. If you don’t treat me in a way I value, we will change that either together or apart. If you don’t feel connected to me, that is your issue and suggests disconnects in yourself. If we no longer agree on relationship form, then the work we came together for is done.

But, none of that is because you don’t love me.

You are on a journey. So am I. It is beautiful when we can express happiness to each other and intersect.

But there is no One that makes a person feel a particular depth. That is a readiness in you and me, a vibration of presence and openness. If you chose another, that is your presence and openness – not a rejection of me. It has little to do with me. Two strangers can be happy together forever, not because they are destined or soul mates; they are happy because they understand how to be in partnership and be in a state of love in relation to the other.

But none of that is because you don’t love me. So I won’t ever ask.


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