With gratitude

My dear love,

The world will tell you that  you must be strong, smart, and meet some physical standard of attractiveness. You must be a winner in your field. You must live up to some standard yet be yourself. The world will give your ego a reason to exist.

But, my love, I’m not the world. I value you for your self awareness, your honesty and your integrity. You are trustworthy, not as a set of conditions you meet but because you act from your self awareness.

You live in integrity, and its a matter of honor for you to embody your highest truth. I value that. It doesn’t mean you always do or say what I want, but it means you respect and honor my path so you tell me what I need to hear.

Never forget that I love your sense of humor and joy in the absurd. That is a sign to me that you see the nature of reality.

Your kindness and generosity are beautiful to me. Giving emotionally is something you do – its who you are.  It creates connection and allows for deepening. That deepening is also who you are. Like me, your path of consciousness is what your life is about.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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