Celebrating the Dark


My spiritual partner and I hosted a Conscious Christmas event today. It was something of a Winter solstice event but more a celebration of the beauty of the dark.

The highlight of the day was a raw cooking class. The food samples were powerful in flavor and nourishment. I forget how intense the energy of food is and how different it can be to eat food that is not processed.

We came together for a ceremony of light and dark. As we set our circle and our intentions, the energy in the room was pronounced. One of the guests is new to energy work, and it was clear that she was aware of what was happening in the room. My whole body was charged by it, and the communion of spirit that was occurring moved me to tears.

We went into the dark places inside of us, to shine light where we may be afraid to look. We released that which we carried and no longer need.  We embraced the void as a space of pure possibility. We embraced the dark as beautiful and loving. It became the space for our essence to be revealed.

Here is a meditative poem by Joyce Rupp “Winter’s Cloak” from The Circle of Life which she co-wrote with Macrina Wiederkehr. We closed our ceremony with it and I share it with you.

Winter’s Cloak

This year I do not want
the dark to leave me.
I need its wrap
of silent stillness,
its cloak
of long lasting embrace.
Too much light
has pulled me away
from the chamber
of gestation.

Let the dawns
come late,
let the sunsets
arrive early,
let the evenings
extend themselves
while I lean into
the abyss of my being.

Let me lie in the cave
of my soul,
for too much light
blinds me,
steals the source
of revelation.

Let me seek solace
in the empty places
of winter’s passage,
those vast dark nights
that never fail to shelter me.



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