When Reality Is Just As It Is

Happy New Year!

In preparation for 2015, I had an astrological reading done. I have shied away from mysticism lately – particularly psychic readings as they reflect the subjective energy layer – but I have toyed with having this done for a month or so. I’m so glad I followed my intuition not my mind.

The birth chart reading covered my major relationships and did so with amazing accuracy. The reader went into details about the karmic relationship I had with each man. My first long term relationship was meant to give me courage and open my heart. Bikhu was meant to give me a child and when that purpose was fulfilled, our time was done. The Magus’ karmic relationship is not done and there was a huge level of detail to that discussion. 

The reading explored how I am on the cusp of something with a man I’ve admired for over a year. We will either have a profound spiritual partnership or it will be a disaster. While that’s probably true of everyone, the reading captured details of situations that have already arisen that give me pause, like the fact he never makes me laugh. And yet I’m drawn to know him more.

But none of this is the point. Somewhere in the reading, I let go. I just let go. I could see my life, it’s events and it’s patterns as beautifully planned. I saw the energy threads and karmic connections as an intricate and profound weaving,  more perfect than anything my mind could overlay as a story.

And I let go. Because it’s exactly as it should be. My heart and my intuition see it all as it is.  It is just as it should be.


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