Loving Everyone


I teasingly call a good friend of mine a slut. I mean it kindly, and I gave him my copy of The Ethical Slut because I believe his sexual choices come from a place of integrity.  (Yes I own The Ethical Slut because I’m sure there’s a truth in there for me…)

A while ago, he shared a passage from a book with me that he found moving. It was about connection and intimacy and love.  After I read it, I asked how he aligned with that intimacy and with his casual relationships at the same time .  “That’s easy.  I want to love everyone,” he said. 

I am going somewhere with this…hold on…

I also realized that there are people with whom I feel my experience of love at a cosmic scale. I know I love everyone.  That is easy.  No effort. But there are moments I experience with some individuals that have a transcendence to them. It’s kind of addictive. So much so that it can replace or distract me from my longing for full awakening. 

So here’s where I’m going…

I am open to knowing that transcendent love as me, not because individuals trigger it. It is my awareness that falls in love. It is my awareness that experiences love. The object does not create that – I do. And since I already know I can do this because the universe showed me that truth  through a few individuals, then I can experience it often, and fully. Without attaching meaning or form of relationship to it.

And that, my love, is the most incredible discovery.


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