Aging Is Not Old

I met a new friend last summer at a music festival.  When I dropped them off, our mutual friend asked him how old he thought I was. His impression was late thirties. In fact, I am late forties.

While that is sweet, I am not fussed about aging. I am aware my body is changing in ways related to age, specifically fertility. At one time, that felt like a loss but it was for relationship reasons, not pure loss on my part.

Is aging about getting old? Is it about loss? I am unconvinced. 

“You can’t change a belief that is unconscious. But once it’s conscious, then you are in the driver’s seat of your own life.

I devoted all of 2014 to crafting, documenting, and living a new story about age. In a nutshell, I’ve been reveling in getting older myself. I’ve become more flexible, happier, more fit, and more optimistic about the future than ever. That’s because I’ve learned how to get older without any of the deterioration or decline that our culture has taught us is standard after the age of 50.

I’m not alone. Many of you are living the same way, knowing that some of your best years are AHEAD.

Still, you’d have to be living under a rock to avoid the deadly effects of our inherited and time worn beliefs about what is supposed to happen as you get older.

Here’s the truth:
It is your beliefs—and the behavior that stems from those beliefs—that largely determines your experience of moving through time.” — Christiane Northrup, M.D.

The other day, I slept on the floor with my daughter in the fort we had built.  Then I did it again. By the third day, my back was pretty stiff.  A friend quipped “Age will catch up with you!” I halted, because that just didn’t feel true. An hour of yoga later, and my flexibility had returned. Was age to blame?

What I know is that my beliefs about aging have very little to do with loss and more to do with possibilities.

Today, if you are ready to change your beliefs about aging, take a look at this article on over 60s.

And if you are looking for something deeper, try Dr Northrup’s work. 


2 thoughts on “Aging Is Not Old

  1. Our best times are *always* ahead – that is the beauty of the gift we’ve been given – personal evolution through love.

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