Magic Words


When I “priestess”, the most common question I get is How: how do I let something go, how do I stop feeling upset by triggers?

I have three practices that lead to peace and freedom in me. They are my magic words.

Who am I?
When I am upset by something, I ask who I really am. I feel my heart open and I sink back into a deeper sense of truth. Whatever is arising emotionally in me moves away.

Is it true?
When something triggers me, I identify the belief that is being energized. Then I ask if its true. Truth is something I feel in my stomach and my heart. As soon as I recognize something as not true, it dissolves.

It is absolutely OK if I always feel this way
When I invite a feeling to be loved and accepted, it begins to dissolve. In the total acceptance of what is, the energy flows through and away.

What I find is that no matter the circumstances, the universe is providing an opportunity for me to experience peace and freedom. These magic words help me recognize that. I wish you peace and freedom as well.


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