Conversations with a Dragon

Gold-Dragon-dragons-28626714-500-259Dragons are always teachers of spiritual knowledge, and can be channeled by anyone who will listen to them.  They love to tell you about every thing they know. There’re sticklers for “tests”, and responsibility to Grace, and know many ways to get you to do the right thing. – Marc Scheidler

 I met a dragon once.  She was glorious, and awesome in the fullest sense.  There were depths and layers to her, and all she said.

“What troubles you?” asked the wise dragon.

“I am frustrated and angry by victims.  I hate it when I see people stuck being a victim,” I replied, with a mix of remorse and righteousness.

“What is a victim?”, she asked, gazing at me in a way that made only truth possible.

“Someone who doesn’t recognize their power.  Someone who wants to stay helpless,” I answered, confident in these views.

“What is power?”, she asked patiently.

“It is not being helpless, not being stuck.  It is movement and freedom,” I began, a bit less confidently.

“No, those are choices people make. That is the illusion of control.  What is it you fear?”, she quizzed, with a gleam in her eye.

I recalled all the times I felt like a victim, and how much I do to make sure I do not feel that way.  In doing so, I have built up armor, and it is heavy to move around.  It is hard to be a radiant being of light when you are carrying fear and armor all the time.  It is hard to express love that way.  I said so to the Dragon.

“You cannot be a victim, nor can anyone else. You are carrying around the energy of that fear and it is blocking you, ” said the Wise One. “Keep your heart open when it is trying to close. Do not resist energies as they pass through you. If you want to put that armor down, just relax and release.  Just let it go.”

She breathed on me, and I felt my energy channels come to life, like clogged pipes that were suddenly clear.

“Thank you, Wise One,” I replied, in deep gratitude. A wave of love surrounded me, meeting my own loving response, and grew into light and harmony.


4 thoughts on “Conversations with a Dragon

  1. dayeshadow44 says:

    Love that!

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