Can Compassion for Cecil Be Compassion For Humans Too?


I am an animal lover. I have 5 rescue pets. I capture spiders and take them outside. Violence is intolerable for me.

I was angered by the events around Cecil the lion.  I was pleased that public outcry was united. I was saddened bordering on horrified by the violence turned on the hunter. I was even more upset by how many felt that violence and revenge were justified towards him.

While many celebrate how this outcry demonstrates our power and alignment on what is right, I am lost to explain why we banded together around a lion but not around the atrocities that humans experience. 

Cecil is a first world issue. Zimbabwe is in the news for multiple and ongoing human rights violations. The country practices torture and trains child soldiers.


I am glad we can muster compassion for an animal. I hope we can do as much for other humans.


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