Like a Book


Reading a person is an art form. We have many techniques – psychology, tarot, face reading, energy work and even body work.

The process of reading requires a few agreements that we don’t discuss. One part of the story involved is that I really want to be read. I want you to reveal something of me that is uncommon.

Another is a belief that I am THIS, but I am not THAT.  So if you read me, you must recognize that. 

When you read someone – me – you must identify enough of what I believe to be true of myself that I will then believe you when you read what I may become or at least, what I am not aware of yet.

You will tell me about my ego patterns. My samskara.  You will wrap it up in some context I believe, like the science of the enneagram or my chakras or my past lives.

I will feel connected to you when you do this.

But all we have done is agree to believe in a story for a while. I will agree that I am some ONE.

There is a reason we will do this. We want to feel connected – you as the reader, me as the subject. We share a moment of intimacy, of union.

And while everything you read in me may be right, it will not be true.

Our story is the only thing that separates us from God. – Byron Katie


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