Off the Cliff

I met Cliff yesterday. He was quiet when we were introduced. I was one of many people he would meet this day, each day, in his job. We knew this relationship would last no more than a day.


But for that day, we implicitly agreed that I would respect his instinct and strength. He would take care of me, show and teach me things that I had not seen or done before. I would learn strength and harmony and balance, if I was willing to hand over control to his know how. If I could trust.

And I did. I surrendered. We silently moved together in flow. When I lost the rhythm,  he would patiently correct me. When I was not in balance, he would compensate for my body with his own.

After several hours, my body ached. My muscles rarely worked this way.  How many years had I lied to myself, limited myself, saying I had bad balance? Cliff disagreed and didn’t bother to fight it – he just stayed in flow.

I will probably never see Cliff again.  It wasn’t that type of connection. It was more about moving me past myself.

It was about falling from the precipice of my self illusion, a cliff made from my own dull sleep. And it was about surrendering to trust, in the form of other.


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