Meet Me At Me

“I need you to meet me at me,” I once told him.

“What does that mean? What would that look like?” he asked.

I have thought about that question many times. I know what it feels like when someone meets me at me. I know too well what it feels like when it doesn’t happen.

The real key to that question is what happens when I meet me at me.

The Me is not my personality or my ego. It is the Me that longs for truth. It is the Me that does not believe in separation.

I know that Me is more present than ever because of what others are experiencing around me. Three times this week I was described as stunning and beautiful. I am not stuck on being judged as an object and have my self determined by others. What I love is being seen, truly, and that what is seen aligns with my desire to be Truth.

I have been told I am a calming influence. I am wise. I am strong. I am inspiring and bring a perspective to things that most miss.

Don’t get me wrong – I am also selfish, irresponsible, prone to flashes of temper, and sometimes judgemental. But only when I believe my own thoughts.

What does it mean to meet me at me? It is no longer something I can ask of another. It is me that meets me. Any aspect of that which I attribute to you is an image of separation.

“Awakening to the truth of perfect Unity means to awaken from the dream of a personal self and personal others to the realization that there is no other. Many spiritual seekers have had glimpses of the absolute unity of all existence, but few are capable of or willing to live up to the many challenging implications inherent in that revelation. The revelation of perfect unity, that there is no other, is a realization of the ultimate impersonality of all that seems to be so very personal.

Applying this realization to the arena of personal relationships is something that most seekers find extremely challenging, and is the number one reason why so many seekers never come completely to rest in the freedom of the Self Absolute. Inherent in the revelation of perfect unity is the realization that there is no personal me, no personal other, and therefore no personal relationships. Coming to terms with the challenging implications of this stunning realization is something that few people are willing to do, because realizing the true impersonality of all that seems so personal challenges every aspect of the illusion of a separate, personal self. It challenges the entire structure of personal relationships which are born of needs, wants, and expectations.” –Adyashanti

When I asked intimate others to meet me at me, it was the longing for My Self. It was the longing to know my Truth.

Only I can meet me at me.


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