Shut Up and Listen

It’s sort of funny…I check in with my spirit to see if it wants to date. It says No. I ignore that and sign onto a dating site anyway. Last question on profile: do you really want a relationship ? I type in No and delete the whole profile. It is hilarious watching my ego and my soul at work.

This has been going on more and more since earlier this year.  It’s quite amusing. And lovely. 

Ego: I am too tired to grocery shop – let’s get pizza. SOUL: drives into Superstore lot and gets fresh food.

Ego: Let’s just go to bed. You can meditate tomorrow.  SOUL: places me on my cushion at my altar for 10 minutes.  


Ego: My back hurts. I am skipping yoga today. SOUL: turns left towards studio instead of right towards home.

Ego: Long day. Order in. SOUL: prepares salad greens with poached egg, fresh bread and cheese.


When you are tuned in to your true essence, your ego is like a radio playing in the background. It’s just chatter. 

If I shut up and listen, it’s truly amazing. It isn’t a matter of shutting off the ego. The ego can exist. It’s moving to Consciousness and just witnessing the ego chattering like I would the wind blowing.


4 thoughts on “Shut Up and Listen

  1. ViewPacific says:

    Many say dating yourself is a great step towards being able to truly answer “yes” towards dating. It seems both true and also a way to delay or avoid moving forward.
    I’ve noticed that growth and change comes faster with others then by myself. It’s especially so as I stay open.
    I had asked myself what I’m waiting for, and the universe provided.

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