Thank you for Loving Me Imperfectly

My love,

There is only gratitude when I think of how imperfectly we loved.

Thank you for loving me. I am grateful we lacked the skills and wisdom for a lasting and healed relationship. 

Thank you for living your egoic consciousness with me. Through it, I saw a perfect reflection of my own egoic patterns.

Thank you for the moments of wisdom, compassion and kindness. Through those, I also saw my true self.

Thank you for ending, transforming. If we had continued, I might not have broken open. I might have continued to believe my thoughts. I might have strived to live as though I had control in this Life.

Thank you for Loving Me so Imperfectly.  Through releasing that attachment, I have touched my soul’s desire, my deepest longing.

If we had continued,  I would not be this Me. I am so deeply in love with who I Am. So complete, enlivened, awake and aware.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Thank you for Loving Me Imperfectly

  1. iwanttosayiloveyousomuch says:

    So lucky you are

  2. I hope you stay this brave. Lovely post. Happy to connect. Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews 😄

  3. Bit by bit, fear is seen as story. Then there is love. The brave part is letting go of the story.

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