Farewell Post

I have been blogging less and less. When I post, it is often to share someone else’s work. There was a time I posted every second day. Now, it can be every second week.

That suggests to me that this process is done.

I am putting more effort into Practical Priestess on Facebook.  Please join me there.

It is possible I will post again as something moves me. For the near future at least, this one will be it for sometime.

Blessings, light and love.



My Self Reclamation Project

When you have been hurt, it can be natural to avoid things that remind you of that hurt. My dog won’t go near a toy that startled him. My daughter avoids opening soda cans since she cut herself on one. And I stopped doing alot of my favorite things because I could relate them to past relationships. 


It was easy to justify. My spiritual path was about letting go of attachments so clearly it was ok to let go of these activities as part of my past. It was part of letting go of Self. Wasn’t it?

Probably not. It was spiritual hijacking by the ego to protect the ego. 

Over the last year, I have actively and deliberately done things that were associated with emotional pain. What I learned was what the false beliefs were that were attached to each of them.


I had avoided certain trips because I thought it would be lonely to travel without a partner. It’s not. I had avoided certain Christmas traditions because I thought they would trigger feelings of loss. When I experienced them NOW, not loaded with the past, they were beautiful not painful.

Freedom from the mind is so full of light. And since this is the Season of Light, I am drinking it in.

Why She Is Single

Why She Is Single by Jessie Wright

Nope, she’s not crazy at all.

She’s brilliant.

She’s worthy.

She’s discerning.

She’s got a radar that detects bullsh*t.

She’s opinionated.

She’s absolutely true to herself.

She’s not willing to sleep with you even if you tantalize her with a string of sexy words because she already knows she’s hot.

She’s able to take care of herself.

She knows her body is a temple, and won’t waste it on a one-night stand.

She’ll make the most sensual love when she’s ready to, and it’ll be worth waiting.

She doesn’t need your validation.

She’s willing to take the time to meet a partner who will be her equal.

She’ll ask you a thousand questions.

She’ll listen with an open mind, but she’ll have an opinion about where to dine because she prefers Thai food over Chinese—all you had to do was ask.

She wants alone time to clear her head, and secretly play Rayman.

She feels alive dancing with her friends in a club, and doesn’t need the come-on look.

She says, “f*ck it,” without blushing.

She’ll leave you wanting more (of all of her).

She is an empath.

She is a trickster, teasing you with jokes and random acts of silliness.

She will love you deeply and strongly if you hold her heart with gentle hands.

She’s wild if she wants to be.

She’s calm if she wants to be.

She is grace.

She is raw.

She is elegance.

Most of all,

She is beautifully hot,


She is single,

but she isn’t crazy.


Pint Sized Polemics: The Magic of Christmas

“There’s some people who only care about presents at Christmas,” my sage daughter related to me one night, “But not me.”

I smiled, recalling Linus’ ploy on the Christmas special from the other night. He told Santa he didn’t want anything and that he could skip their house this year. He hoped it would be refreshingly selfless, and therefore rewarded.  I waited for a similar plot to unfold with my child.

“What’s important to you?”, I asked.

“It’s the magic,  Mom. Everything is special. I love the lights and the joy. I get more snuggles too,” she beamed, mentally checking in on her list.

I remember when the light of Christmas went out for me. I was about 10. Gifts were disappointments, Santa was not relevant and our family events had become fighting grounds for aunts and uncles. It took me until I was 18 to find a new meaning for myself that was less consumer driven. And probably it wasn’t until she was born that I connected with the gnostic version of this season of light.  And here she did it by age 8.

Mentally I vowed to increase snuggles all year round.

Facebook Flashbacks and Emotional Freedom

Facebook has started posting flashback moments in order to prompt content. “One of Facebook’s greatest strengths is its practice of regularly adding new features and functionality to its site; this both ensures it infects new users and also makes sure existing users don’t become immune to its charms.” –BBC news

Love it or hate it, you will inevitably face posts from the past that trigger painful memories. For me, it has been a benchmark of how much I have changed.

I was reminded this weekend of some of the most painful times in my life.  And as Abraham Hicks reminds us: “What can be more exhilarating than to find a dream from the contrast, to fixate on the dream and let it give you pleasure as it grows, and then to watch Law of Attraction bring it into manifestation while you help with your action? Does it get any better than that?”

But this isn’t a post about how looking backwards gives you hope because it will all work out in the end. That would be a story. It would support only being open to what makes you feel happy and devaluing all the rest of life.

This is about the fact that when Facebook elicits an emotion, it is an energy – intense or subtle. Goodness or badness, painful or joyous – the freedom is in not identifying with it,  not energizing it with a form of meaning, and being with the energy. The energy of this Life is so amazing.  Be in the flow of the emotions without making it a story, giving it meaning and it is like immersing yourself in an awesome movie for two hours – a powerful, beautiful  experience but that’s all.

Freedom from attachment to emotions and from meaning is openness to the richness of all of life. And I am so grateful to finally be open to life.