My Self Reclamation Project

When you have been hurt, it can be natural to avoid things that remind you of that hurt. My dog won’t go near a toy that startled him. My daughter avoids opening soda cans since she cut herself on one. And I stopped doing alot of my favorite things because I could relate them to past relationships. 


It was easy to justify. My spiritual path was about letting go of attachments so clearly it was ok to let go of these activities as part of my past. It was part of letting go of Self. Wasn’t it?

Probably not. It was spiritual hijacking by the ego to protect the ego. 

Over the last year, I have actively and deliberately done things that were associated with emotional pain. What I learned was what the false beliefs were that were attached to each of them.


I had avoided certain trips because I thought it would be lonely to travel without a partner. It’s not. I had avoided certain Christmas traditions because I thought they would trigger feelings of loss. When I experienced them NOW, not loaded with the past, they were beautiful not painful.

Freedom from the mind is so full of light. And since this is the Season of Light, I am drinking it in.


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