How Could I Do Otherwise?

I am tired, and there is much to be done. The animals need feeding,  and we need supper. There are footprints on my hall floor to mop, and I am tired.

But you are sick, with a temperature and a cough. You want Mommy snuggles and need chicken soup.

Every moment at work is full, and I am tired. I have politics to negotiate,  budgets to manage, and discussions to lead.

But you are my baby, my child and a little piece of myself. You own my heart. You need me and nothing else is as real as being your Mommy.

I will be here, present every moment.  How could I do otherwise?



2 thoughts on “How Could I Do Otherwise?

  1. Yes I feel the same way even though my “babies” are grown ups. It never ends – it is always tiring but it reaps it’s own rewards. Thank you for expressing how we all feel.

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