Wanting and Desire: Two Aspects of Aphrodite


Chocolate or vanilla?

Italian or Chinese?

Chicken or beef?

So often we see the idea of wanting as choice between options. Sometimes they are options of things in front of us. Other times its things we have seen that now we would like on Life’s Menu for us. But really, these are preferences. 

A few years ago, I attended “Priestess School”. I participated in a full day ritual exploring the dual aspects of Aphrodite.  Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Beauty, Fertility and Love in its most noble and pure form. However, she also appears in another but no less powerful aspect, in her role as the Goddess of Sexual and Pleasurable Love. We performed a ritual where the women who identified with the noble and pure and spiritual form of love formed one circle, and the women who identified with the sexual and pleasurable love formed a circle within it.

I identified with the spiritual love and felt a sense of belonging with the other women who did as well. Our power was in spiritual consciousness.  We were intent, the movement of energy. I was moved and stirred by the women who identified with sexual love. Their power was in desire, in letting their wanting be apparent and open. We paired with a woman from the other group and released into eye gazing. I felt union with a woman whose name I do not know. I felt the connection I have felt with others in Tantric energy and spiritual practice. I felt envy that these women were connected with a knowledge of wanting that I did not have at that time. It was not limited to sexual wanting – it was an inner connection to what she wants in tangible concrete forms.

For those of us that are Aphrodite rising out of the foam of the ocean, knowing what we want is more subtle. Our wanting comes from the Silence. It comes from the darkness of the ocean. Our wanting shows up in our souls. What we want is the same as the Aphrodite of desire: love, union, oneness. For us, it doesn’t have to take the form of romantic relationship.  For us,  it is manifest in all aspects of our lives.

What do you want? Recognize that the answer is not in preferences.  It is not going to be more money, a trip to India, or more success at work. It will be subtle, and will be more of a feeling, an energy, a movement of energy. It may be completely opposite from what you think you prefer. Yet there will be a peace when you can sense it. There is a slow and honey sweet Yes that emerges in you.

How do I know? Because I have learned how to hear my wanting in the foam of the water and the flow of Spirit.


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