See With Your Heart

“I saw you,” my 8 year old said. “I saw you pet the dog and it was as beautiful as a unicorn.”

“Oh, it was that beautiful? Wow. What made it as beautiful as a unicorn?” I asked, smiling, but not too much. Or she would get mad at me for laughing at her.

“I could see your love connecting,” she replied.

“You really are awesome,” I said while giving her a snuggly hug.

“What do you mean?”, she asked while earnestly looking at me.

“You see the world through your heart,” I replied.

“How do most people do it?”, she wanted to know.

“With their minds,” was my quick reply.

“Don’t do that.  Your mind makes things up, especially fear. You have to see with your good parts. With your heart and your imagination. My mind used to tell me bad thoughts until I stopped listening to it,” said my little guru.

At the age of 8, she just recapped the teachings of most meditation leaders.

“All of our thoughts are conditioned. We all are thinking exactly along the lines we are conditioned to think. Programmed like a computer. Anybody who thinks they are actually choosing of their own free will the line of thinking that they have is completely deluded by their thinking.”



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