Lunar Eclipse Chewed Me Up and Spit Me Out…Improved


“Lunar Eclipse* Full Moon in Libra illuminates the shadows and reveals the energetic wounds in our hearts in our relationships to Self and Others. With gentle loving acceptance, it’s time to hold space for it all as we continue to choose love.” Mystic Mama

That says it all, really, about this incredibly powerful energy.  I have had 5 friends describe how they have been torn apart this month, purged and rebuilt. I am no different.

My primary lessons this eclipse were:
– respect and love for myself
– facing spiritual ego
– manifesting abundance
– opening my heart

I was pounded. Tested on all fronts. 

Death. Judgement by strangers. Cleaning up other people’s messes and saying No More. Manifesting unexpected abundance by releasing shame. Deep connection and loving relationship.  Fear of trusting and being hurt. Defending my ego identity as Spiritually Accomplished.

I had my sense of Self sliced apart.

All in 7 days. All. In. 7. Days.

And you know what? My gratitude for this is boundless. I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I was pushed back into truth over and over. I let go of the intensity of one moment because the next wave was seconds away from crashing over me. I didn’t hold on, even to judge myself.

I am the Bionic Woman of spirituality…rebuilt better for having been broken and taken apart.


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