Honoring My Commitment To Me


When you are committed,  you will do whatever it takes…

To what am I truly committed?

I beat my self up regularly for dropping yet one more commitment: yoga class, spiritual community opportunity, dinner with a friend, Skype with my kula mate…

And yet, I am responsible at work and with my family when it comes to my commitments.  I brought my ill child to a workshop I was teaching and cared for her there rather than cancel it for the participants. So, the issue is not my ability to follow through on a commitment.

I recently read that there are two reasons people don’t honor commitments:  Poor decision-making skills leading up to the commitment and an effective process for following through on the commitment. Since I can demonstrate that I have effective skills in following through, it must mean that my skills in deciding on what I will commit to must be questioned.

I love the opening quotation as I believe I have confused being interested in something with being committed to it.  I am interested in many things, and will participate when it is convenient.  In doing so, and opting out, I am honoring my commitment to me and my need for balance.

To what am I truly committed?

I am committed to me. I am committed to those I love. I am committed to my spiritual path.

I am interested in everything else.


4 thoughts on “Honoring My Commitment To Me

  1. Angela says:

    This was VERY helpful

  2. jackcollier7 says:

    Those things you a committed too are real and important. The rest of it is just passing time. Kudos for being you.

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