The Present Creates The Past

The smartphone went to the next Satsang in the queue: a free Adyashanti talk titled The Present Creates The Past. I have heard it before but today the idea turned into reality.

Adyashanti challenges us  to see that while there is a relationship between what we experience in the past and our now, the past does not cause our Now. The imagery he references is a boat bow cutting through water and leaving a wake. Take for example if you broke your arm. The act occurs in the Now, and your healing is in the Now.  Anything that is part of the healing is part of now and is not caused by or in the past. 

How we relate to the past is often a reflection of the story we tell about the past. We add meaning to the stories and to the past. A psychologist sometimes helps you to reinterpret the past with a more helpful story. 

The message flashing in my awareness as the audio file played was “I am done with my past.” The main astrological influences for the last month are all about letting go of the past. Almost daily triggers have arisen since September 16 and each have shriveled away.  Such clarity of release happens in almost an instant. 

There is such freedom in understanding that the present creates the past and not the other way. The clarity of Now becomes a pinpoint focus. 


Wounds of the Past

For many years, I would develop bronchitis and the cough would last for weeks. I noticed the relationship between that and the romantic relationships I had. When the relationships ended, so did the coughs. 

It surprised me to get a bad flu with a cough this week. But, it makes sense: the September full moon pulls out whatever needs excavation and release. Shortly after the moon, I worked with a kula mate on a new technique and she surfaced old relationship issues embedded in places I had not explored. 

The full moon opens us to letting go and embracing the new. Something very different was occurring for me: several people were showing up from my life in new ways to support me. 

The most beautiful is my daughter. As I coughed last night, she would put her hand on me. The coughing would stop. She slept with me and even in her sleep, if I coughed she put her had on me and it stopped. I recalled all the nights I slept sitting up with her in my arms too. The circle of love and caring  is there.  

I am so grateful for this process. This change is amazing. Seeing my self in contrast to old patterns, and without some of the old patterns, is profound. 

Loving this cycle of life.