Diamonds in the Snow

It is one of the few nights I am alone. Mercury is in retrograde and I feel tender, frazzled and too caught up in the world.

I get out of bed, pull on a flannel onesie and drive into the country. I am looking for dark sky. 

The stars are bright and alive. But these are not my winter diamonds. 

I get out of the car and begin to walk in the little bit of forest I have found just outside the city. It is quiet. So quiet. 

When I stand still, I feel the silence absorb me, take me over. It is a meditation, a profound stillness that comes easily here. 

The snow is untouched. If you look out over the field, the snow crystals begin to glow. The snow is gracious, and takes on the luminescence of the moon. Here and there, an ambitious crystal twinkles. Nearby, another…and another. It is a field of diamonds. 

I life my arms up to the sky.

The silence fills me. The light breaks me open. 


3 thoughts on “Diamonds in the Snow

  1. Absolutely beautiful. you painted an image in my mind and it’s beautiful. thank you. thank you. thank you.

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