I Blocked You: Boundaries Are Healthy

I am one of Those people: I delete people on Facebook, I block people in WordPress and I don’t accept LinkedIn invitations from people I don’t know. I see social media as a mirror of human social dynamics and I apply the same rules. 

In real life, if I don’t see you or connect at least once a year, I stop inviting you to parties or sending you cards. If you don’t treat me with respect in real life, I don’t interact with you. So why do we take offense when these things happen in social media?

Simon Senuk has a unique view on this. He suggests that when we get attention on Facebook, or receive a text, we feel positive and rewarding emotions. Over time, our society begins to go to these sources for more instant gratification. A generation may be growing up without the skills to build relationships. 

So why do people get more put off when these things happen in the virtual world? Is it because it occurs more subtley in reality – I am less likely to tell a person we are moving into acquaintance status in real life, we just drift apart. Does Facebook create a new tool of subtle social control – I will make you feel good so you can make me feel good? 

I know one thing: I notice I pull out my phone when I am waiting for a meeting to start and as of today, I will use that time to begin a conversation with my colleagues. I am on a Face fast right now and the difference in my quality of life is surprisingly big. I recommend it. 

Watch the Simon Senik video here: https://youtu.be/hER0Qp6QJNU


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