Consciousness Around the Kitchen Table


If you have been guided to this site, you are probably:

  • very committed to the feeling of something more
  • deepening your experience of awakening and Consciousness
  • interested in sharing a personal and transformative journey

This blog evolved from the Practical Priestess and is about Consciousness Around the Kitchen Table. This harkens to the wisdom practices through out history, where teachers held community in their own homes. Consciousness was a way of living, not a practice delineated to temples.  Temple is nature, hearth, home, and any place that you find yourself to be. As one of my teachers has said, the practices of consciousness are just as applicable in the board room as they are the meditation room.

This website is a teaching and learning space.  I share my learning process, and occasionally teach what I have learned.  Often, the teachings turn into workshops. This becomes my space for working out an idea until I can live it and be fully aligned with it.

Light and love!


2 thoughts on “Consciousness Around the Kitchen Table

  1. allen says:

    Gail, I appreciate your blog…I just found it today and have read some of your insights and wisdom.
    I like the article: “Why Bother With A Relationship If You Are On A Spiritual Path.”
    Recently my ‘higher self’ an Ascended Master…has been leading me to look more closely at this subject.
    I have been reading books by Meyer Baba….that confirm this too.

    Many Books by Meher Baba

    The Path of Love

    I am about half way through ‘The Path of Love’…it is challenging me to the max.

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